What I do & what I like

I graduated in Computer Science at the University of Milan (Dept of CS). My current “computer-related” interests involve:

  • information retrieval on large quantities of data, such as the World-Wide Web (I did my MS thesis on this topic) and natural language processing
  • web programming, SEO, marketing
  • anti-spamming techniques
  • security of Internet systems, servers, networks

Other things & interests

On this site you will find some of my programming activity and some information about myself.

I enjoy financial mathematics and econometrics (and also chaos theory), and I spend part of my lazy-time in following financial markets and studying financial topics. Despite my non-business educational background, I am very fascinated by these matters.
Luckily, I have a good mathematical background.

You can always reach me dropping an email at marco@olivo.net or by visiting my profile on the social sites you find here on the right.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are my own and are not shared, supported or endorsed in any way by my employer or its clients.