Short introduction

The "Intersteno" is a world non-profit organization for fast typewriting. They study solutions to write faster, run courses and try to keep hand and type-writing technology at pace with the needs of government and private agencies.

For the world congress held in Rome (Italy) in July 2003, I was chosen to create a whole working site in 5 different languages which not only had to be fully functional with respect to the visitor, but also had to have the possibility of booking hotels, booking partecipation to the Congress and collecting results sent through the Internet for a special computer typing contest.

The site has been done in PHP and has many features, the most relevant of which is an administrative, multi-priviledged interface which lets you modify almost the whole site and collect almost every information within a few mouse-clicks.
This interface, being multi-priviledged, is the ideal for handling various section which must be run with respect to the
user’s actual privileges.

Internet contest

During the following years, I’ve created a software (TypingSoftware) that lets people do a keyboarding competition over the Internet, with the results being gathered from the central server (which happens to be
This software has been used to organize several Internet competition among many world-wide schools in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006; currently, it is widely given in outsourcing to other keyboarding local organizations in Europe (Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey) in order to let them organize their own typing speed contests.


Here are two actual screenshots of the site: the left one is taken from one of the site pages, the right one is taken from the administrative pages.

Intersteno admin area

Intersteno public area
(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Visit the site

Click here to visit the site (please remember that the administrative interface is not available to the casual visitor)

The Congress

The Rome Congress I attended as an Organizing Committee member was very well made. Over 500 participants from all over the world came in Rome to attend the Congress, a Congress which was widely reckoned as the best Intersteno Congress ever made, thanks to the organization of Mr. Gian Paolo Trivulzio.

The greatest part of the Congress was kept in the astonishing majesty of the Sheraton Rome hotel, where I, with many others, worked very hard to make that Congress a reality.

I greatly enjoyed those days. Thanks Gian Paolo!

If you want further information about my projects, please visit my software section.

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